Expert Port Of Oakland Container
Trucking Drayage Company

Expert Port Of Oakland Container
Trucking Drayage Company

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Iraheta Bros 2 Inc is an Oakland-based container trucking company with deep industry experience and expertise. Looking for drayage companies near you around the Port of Oakland? You’re in the right place!

We provide intermodal container drayage services from the Port of Oakland to companies and warehouses throughout California and Nevada. We haul dry and reefer containers, specialize in food-grade containers and work with triaxle chassis equipped to handle heavy loads.

As a leading container drayage company, we know how to navigate the ports and work together with their staff members. That helps us bring your container where it needs to be, quickly and reliably. When you need a drayage company in Oakland, CA, think of Iraheta Bros.

Whatever your shipping and hauling needs, Iraheta Bros has the expertise and skill to make sure the job is done right.

Are you looking for an intermodal trucking company near the port of Oakland that provides customized intermodal container services? Do you need a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled environment for your container? We have you covered.

Our Principles: What Makes Us the Best
Drayage Company in California


Honoring our commitment to customers to strive for excellence with each move.


Loyal customers deserve reciprocated loyalty from their carrier. At Iraheta Bros, we make it a point to put our customers first. We’re an intermodal container trucking company you can truly count on.


We take great pride in our 150 years of combined history and experience in intermodal trucking ans the supply chain. Providing customers with the best service in the intermodal trucking industry is our promise, goal, and top priority.

Iraheta Bros: A Drayage Company Committed to Delivering Results

There are other container hauling companies, but Iraheta Bros was founded on the principles of respect and appreciation. We believe in hard work and loyalty to our customers. We also believe that all employees and drivers of our drayage company should be treated with dignity.

We have experience working for other container trucking companies. We discovered that there was a better way to do things in drayage. Not only did we deserve more, but our customers did as well.

From the integrity of our work to the transparency of our processes, our customers appreciate what we do for them. We deliver an exceptional experience for each and every customer becuase we know that they’re the foundation of our business.

Specifically, they understand that they can’t secure this level of commitment or service from other drayage companies. From our innovative transportation management system to our informative drayage and trucking blog, we provide as much support as we can.

Because of this, we can boast about our superior customer service. Again, we have seen how others do it, and we do it better.

We also have in-depth knowledge of the Port of Oakland. After all, this isn’t only our business, it’s our home, and we know it well. That makes it easier for our team to navigate the Port and deliver your containers to or from it.

The final factor that sets Iraheta Bros above the rest is our skill set in drayage trucking and warehousing. when it comes to interfacing with the Oakland container terminals. Others might claim to have the skills, but we can assure it.

Our Story

Iraheta Bros 2 Inc is the epitome of the American dream. In other words, taking nothing and turning it into one of the best drayage and container trucking companies in Oakland, CA with only hard work and dedication.

In 2013, Kimberly Sulsar, Long Mach, Alfonso Campos, and Poli Manriquez found themselves unhappy. They were disappointed with how they were treated by the intermodal shipping and trucking industry and the organizations in which they were employed.

They envisioned a logistics company that treated all employees and drivers with respect and, above all, appreciated for their immense contributions. They wanted to build a drayage company that stood for hard work and loyalty to their customers.

In August of 2013, these dreams became a reality. That’s when Iraheta Bros was born as a drayage company near the Port of Oakland, California. We specialise in container drayage, intermodal trucking, and short-haul transport of goods, as well as food-grade warehousing.


There is only one best port drayage company in Oakland: Iraheta Bros.

We know the drayage trucking business better than anyone, and more importantly, we know how to treat our customers right. We’re committed to customer relationships based on fairness, loyalty, and hard work.

Whatever your Oakland drayage trucking needs might be, we have you covered. From pick-ups and deliveries to food-grade warehousing, we’re here to help. Request a quote today and see why Iraheta Bros is the Oakland drayage company for you.

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