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How Much Does Freight Shipping Cost?

Freight shipping moves an incredible variety of goods across the US and the globe. It’s a complex system that, in the big picture, delivers consistent results across the supply chain. Understanding the costs of freight shipping can help you make a more informed decision for your business. Dependable carriers will give you estimates, for your […]

What is General Freight Trucking?

General freight trucking plays a crucial role in local, national, and global supply chains. Trucks in the general freight market carry a wide variety of goods. They help many types of businesses keep raw materials, parts, and inventory in stock. The full-truckload segment of this industry alone generated $91.4 billion in revenue in 2022. Looking […]

What You Need to Know About Drayage Fees

Drayage, otherwise known as short-distance transport, represents a vital link in intermodal freight transport. Completing the “last mile” of delivery between ports and businesses is simply crucial. Drayage is also a specialized form of truck driving. It involves unique needs related to managing resources and drivers’ time on the job. For that reason, there are […]

What is Specialized Freight Trucking?

In freight transport, some loads require extra attention and support for safe, compliant delivery. Many shipments can be reliably delivered with a standard trailer, reefer, or intermodal container. However, some loads need to be paired with special equipment. Whether the shipment is fragile or especially large, specialized freight trucking can help. Let’s take a closer […]

What is Demurrage?

Intermodal ports, like the Port of Oakland, are incredibly efficient when you consider how complex their operations are. Certain charges and fees are a tactic used to keep shipping containers, port space, and similarly valuable resources available. That includes demurrage. This helps keep the supply chain moving and delivering cargo more efficiently. Let’s take a […]

Per Diem vs Demurrage: What’s the Difference?

The last thing any business wants to deal with is additional and avoidable costs. Both demurrage and per diem fees are common issues for businesses that use intermodal shipping. Understanding demurrage vs. per diem and how both affect your company is crucial for avoiding them. And that means more money in your business’s reserves. Let’s […]

Can Truck Drivers be Independent Contractors in California?

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) has led to major difficulties for trucking companies and truck drivers. This bill, now a law, redefined the test used to determine if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. It was originally aimed at delivery drivers working with third-party apps. However, major companies in that space eventually […]