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Iraheta Bros - Our Story

Iraheta Bros 2 Inc is the epitome of the American dream, taking nothing and turning it into one of the best drayage and container trucking companies in Oakland, CA with only hard work and dedication.

In 2013, Kimberly Sulsar, Long Mach, Alfonso Campos, and Poli Manriquez found themselves unhappy with how they were treated by the intermodal shipping and trucking industry and the organizations in which they were employed.

They envisioned a logistics company that treated all employees and drivers with respect and, above all, appreciated for their immense contributions. They wanted to build an institution that stood for hard work and loyalty to their customers.

Lee W. Cypress, Kimberly’s father, instilled these lessons with his experience as the owner and operator of Cypress Trucking for over 40 years.

In August of 2013, these dreams became a reality when Iraheta Bros was born near the Port of Oakland, California. We specialize in container drayage and short-haul transport of goods.

Our People


Kimberly Sulsar, daughter of Lee W. Cypress, started working at her father’s trucking company at the age of 9.

Over the next 11 years, she worked in every department of Cypress Trucking to gain essential knowledge and experience so that she could one day run her own trucking company. After attending college, she went on to work with the industry’s top intermodal and drayage companies as a dispatcher, terminal manager, and general manager.

This solidified her experience in drayage, container trucking, as well as warehousing and distribution industries. Kimberly’s work paved the way for the creation of Iraheta Bros in 2013.


Long Mach was born in Vietnam and raised by a hardworking single mother.

In 1991, Long’s mother made the very brave and courageous choice to move her family to the United States. She wanted to ensure her children could receive the best possible education and opportunities.

Settling in Los Angeles, Long Mach attended California State University Long Beach and majored in Manufacturing Engineering. After obtaining his undergrad degree and working for different employers in a plethora of different fields, Long Mach wanted a change.

He made the command decision to obtain his Class A license and start his own small business as an owner operator from the Port of Oakland. It was then that he met Kimberly, Poli and Alfonso.

Taking a cue from the courage his mother displayed early in his own life, Long decided to take on the challenge of being a co-owner of Iraheta Bros. He knew he could change the course of his own children’s lives the way his mother so lovingly did for him.

Long Mach, part of Iraheta Bros, the best drayage company in Oakland CA.
Alfonso Campos, part of Iraheta Bros, the best drayage company in Oakland CA.


Alfonso Campos was born in Concepción Batres, El Salvador as the youngest of nine children. He grew up during the civil war that ravaged the country.

The upheaval of the war left the vulnerable citizens poverty-stricken at best and, at worse, dead. Alfonso made the resolution that he would make it to the United States no matter how. Ultimately, he arrived the United States at the age of 20 in search of safety.

In 1995, after working three jobs to support his young son, his childhood friend taught him how to drive a truck. After 20 years of working for different trucking companies, Alfonso decided to take the leap and start his own company, along with Kimberly, Poli, and Long Mach.

His dream was that Iraheta Bros would be a company that would honor the driver’s hard work and contributions.


Policarpio Manriquez (Poli) was born in Huetamo Michoacán, Mexico on his family’s small farm. He bravely came to the United States at the age of 16, by himself, in search of opportunities that his small town simply could not offer. 

He enrolled himself in English classes and met the love of his life: Mercy Campos, Alfonso’s older sister. Thereafter, Alfonso taught Poli how to drive a truck in 1997.

After 16 years of experience in the industry, Poli undeterred by a challenge, decided that it was time to create a more inclusive organization that treated drivers equitably and with dignity.

Policarpio Manriquez, part of Iraheta Bros, the best drayage company in Oakland CA.

In Loving Memory of Mr. Lee W. Cypress

Cypress Lee, part of Iraheta Bros, the best drayage company in Oakland CA.

LEE W. CYPRESS, 1933 – 2013

For more information about the Lee W. Cypress scholarship foundation please contact [email protected].

In 1933, on the heels of the Great Depression, Lee W. Cypress was born to Lucille Cypress in Marshall, Texas.   

Shortly after losing her husband and Mr. Lee’s father, Earnest Cypress, on Christmas Eve in 1936, she gathered the Cypress family, including the then six-year-old Lee Cypress. They bid farewell to Texas and headed westbound to California, looking for more opportunity. 

They settled in poverty-stricken Hunters Point, San Francisco. This was one of the most dangerous areas of San Francisco due to the prevelance of gangs. Despite exceptionally difficult economic times and widespread racism, Lucille taught her son the value of hard work, strength of character, and dedication that would lead to him to all his future successes.

She was determined that her son have the life that generations before her were unable to realize. Shortly after graduating high school, Lee enlisted in the United States Air Force. There, he met a fellow comrade who suggested that upon honorable discharge, they should start a trucking company. However, Lucille had different dreams for her son.

She fervently believed in education and thus after the Air Force, she enrolled her son in the University of San Francisco. After college, Lee worked for United Airlines repairing airplane engines. However, Lee did not forget his dreams of one day owning a trucking company.

In 1969, while still employed by United Airlines, Lee started the Cypress Trucking Company Inc. For the first several years, he worked at night repairing airplane engines and by day worked tirelessly to galvanize his business and acquire customers.

Subsequently, due to his tenacity and his indomitable will to succeed (which was passed down to him from his magnanimous mother) he was able land major customers that would change the trajectory of his life forever. By the early 1980s, Mr. Lee had grown his dream into a multimillion-dollar corporation. He worked with every major furniture manufacturer in the world, warehousing and distributing all their goods for the west coast.

In 1992, another hard-working single mother by the name of WaWanna Mason was working a second job as a security guard for Cypress Trucking. It wasn’t too long before she was swept off her feet by a charming and persistent Lee Cypress.

Shortly thereafter, WaWanna’s nine-year-old daughter Kimberly Sulsar was introduced to the man that would take her under his wing and change the course of her life forever.

From that fateful day in 1992 onward, Lee W. Cypress raised Kimberly as his own and taught her everything he knew about the trucking and warehousing industry. Wherever Mr. Lee was, one could bet, his little shadow Kimberly was not too far behind.

Spending summer breaks on the truck and weekends in the warehouse, Kimberly dreamed of one day taking over her father’s company and ensuring his legacy endured. Sadly, fate had plans of her own. In 2013, Mr. Lee passed away at the age of 80.

In his name, Kimberly Sulsar established the Lee W. Cypress foundation to help provide academic scholarships to the children of truck drivers from the Port of Oakland. Continuing the legacy of a man that was much loved and respected.

Your Partner

At Iraheta Bros, we emphasize respect for our employees and our customers and our story is our dedication to our team and to you.