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Drayage Resources near the Port of Oakland

Importers and exporters in California understand the importance of drayage resources. From food manufacturers to big-box retailers, freight resources and services ensure products to get where they need to be, in the condition they need to be in, and within the timeframe required. And since every product is not the same, considerations need to be made so that the logistics work out for everyone involved. 

As a drayage provider near the Port of Oakland, we understand the need to be timely when it  comes to shipping and logistics news, since this informs much of the status of the industry. Whether there are updates or shifts in the industry, or perhaps there are just new drayage articles that are gaining popularity for one reason or another, we owe it to our clients and partners to be aware of the current trends shaping the drayage industry.

At Iraheta Bros, we want our clients and our partners in the logistics industry to be up to speed on the latest import/export news that can effect their businesses. Having a reliable and dedicated drayage resource that keeps you timely in your day-to-day operations is important to us. From monitoring port terminal gate activity to applying for a Twic Card, we have put together some drayage resources below. 

Port of Oakland – Trucker WebCams

Oakland Trucker WebCams is an interactive application allowing truck dispatchers and drivers to monitor the Port terminal gate activity. Truckers and dispatchers can view the dispatcher video streams as well as the trucker gates images.

Port of Oakland – Trucker Resources

An extensive list of industry resources for truckers such as permit, CHP, and bay area air quality links.

Twic Card Link

Government website with twic card application form, replacement instructions, and appointment link.

What is Drayage?

Drayage is the transporting of goods. This section of transportation is typically a short distance, getting items from a warehouse to a port, or a port to a warehouse, and other close or intrastate distances. But drayage services can be even more concentrated than that, such as moving items from one part of a large building to another. The bottom line is that when it comes to getting materials or goods from A to B, drayage services are required. 

However, there is some misconception about the scope of the drayage service. For example, there are some individuals who ask if drayage is the same as intermodal, and this is not the case. As mentioned, drayage services tend to be short distances, not an entire logistics span for a product to be delivered. On the other hand, intermodal transportation relies on several different parts, or legs, of the trip. Drayage is simply one of those parts.

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When it comes to drayage resources, and securing the right drayage service for your needs, Iraheta Bros has you covered. With 150 years of combined experience in the Oakland area, Iraheta Bros knows this business better than anyone. We have in-depth knowledge of the Ports in Oakland, because this isn’t only our industry, it’s our lifeblood and our family business.

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