Iraheta Bros 2 Inc offers customized intermodal container services, specific to the Port of Oakland and designed to meet your needs. We provide our customers with the latest advances in the transportation industry with:

  • An innovative transportation management system
  • Screened and certified employees and drivers
  • Competitive industry rates without compromising service
  • A transparent and efficient billing process

Service Area

We transport cargo out of the Port of Oakland to anywhere in California and Nevada.


  • Experienced fleet specializing in working with the Port of Oakland
  • Secured private container yard
  • Refrigerated Container Service
  • Ocean container tracking
  • Owned 20ft and 40ft triaxle chassis
  • Specialized equipment for heavy containers 
  • Steam clean facility for truckers on-site 

Food Grade Specialists

  • Drivers are experts in selecting appropriate equipment at the Port
  • On-site steam clean facility to maintain food grade quality containers

Refrigerated Containers

  • Drivers trained to operate and troubleshoot genset equipment as needed

Triaxle Specialists

  • Custom specialized triaxle chassis equipped to handle up to 45,000 pounds of cargo

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